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January 11, 2018


As a coffee lover, (okay. You're right, it's an addiction)  I have embarrassingly gained some unsightly yellow stains on my teeth over the past few years. I've tried many whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, and whitening mouthwashes but all to no avail...

February 4, 2017

Hi there!

Today's a pretty special day as my blog is one year old! It's hard to believe that I've officially spent a whole year helping C'est La Vie by Abigail Marie grow and change. I'm so proud of how far C'est La Vie has come, reaching a few thousand people and being...

November 14, 2016

Hello everyone!

I had a relaxing and refreshing weekend here in Madrid, exploring my home! It's funny how you can live somewhere for months, and still find new things to do each day. 

I was searching Madrid on Pinterest for fun things to do the other day, and found...

October 12, 2016

Hi everyone!

I've been really trying to embrace the European lifestyle while I've been here, and that includes picking up on a few of the local style trends. I decided to pull together a few of my favorites that I can't wait to take back home with me.

1. Overall Dresses


June 8, 2016

A few days after my beach trip with Jenna and Jessica, I spent the day with my friend Kaitlyn, (AKA Kment). Kaitlyn and I both share a love for fashion and hope to each work somewhere in the industry. She has incredible style, and I can always count on her to let me kn...

June 7, 2016



One night a few weeks back a few of my good friends, Jenna and Jessica, and I went to the local beach to explore and get into the summer spirit. The wind was strong so we didn't stay for long, but it was so nice to be able to spend a little time enjoying the co...

May 7, 2016

I had the perfect day today at the Kentucky Derby. This morning Becca and I headed to her friend's house for eggs and mimosas, before heading to a parking lot near the track to tailgate. I met so many great people, and had so much fun (they aren't kidding about souther...

February 20, 2016


Study break! This week has been crazy between tests and projects and work, so I am relieved for a weekend off. I'm feeling run down so it is definitely be nice to be able to relax and write a little bit. 


My outfit here focused on neutral colors like tans and gre...

February 11, 2016

WIth the amount of snow we have gotten in the last week, I am definitely feeling the winter blues and craving the warmth of summer. I channeled that desire in this outfit, pairing a nautical feel with weather appropriate pieces. 


This dress was a hand-me-down from my c...

February 4, 2016

Well internet, here I am. It only took me about two years of talking myself into starting a blog to finally reach this moment. I guess the most reasonable thing for me to do would be to tell you all a little about myself. So here goes nothing:

I am a college studen...

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