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Just a Rainy February Day

February 4, 2016

Today was gloomy so I dressed to fit the weather, with blue and green hues dominating my outfit. I was outside for a lot of the day, so I was sure to bring along my favorite umbrella. Unlike most days, I didn't have too much going on, so I kept it pretty casual. Typically you'll find me running around upper campus, coffee in hand and agenda in the other trying to cross off the next thing on my to do list. This was one of the rare days, with only one class and a few meetings, I got to relax for a little while. 


I am very pro-layering. I almost always wear multiple tops, usually throwing a sweater or a vest on top of a blouse. Here I actually did both. First I put on a simple white button-down, and added another Old Navy sweater, like I featured in my last post, but in a different color. They are light and great for layering so I think I have four or five different colors of the same style. Then I put on an Old Navy vest I bought a few years back. I wore some skinny jeans and strapped on my classic L.L. Bean Duck Boots with some cozy socks. I really regret not biting the bullet and spending a little more to get insulated boots, and will definitely go that route next time I purchase a pair. Finally, I added my favorite KJP Bow bracelet, a birthday gift from one of my best friends, to tie it all together.


Hope you enjoy!


Abigail Marie














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