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Fair Food - TBT

February 4, 2016

As someone who is a self-identified food junkie, every year the Durham Fair is like a quick trip straight to heaven. For three days I throw away all self control and dive in to some of the most deliciously fattening foods known to man; fair food!


Every year, myself and the kids I grew up with all obsess over making sure we are home from school in order to be able to endulge in these delectable goodies. My friends at Bentley are all amazed that I leave for a weekend "just for a fair." Little do they know, this is considered a sacred holiday in little ole Durham. 


Anyway, this past September I decided to document every meal I bought at the fair and which booth I bought it at. This year I tried a few new items, but mostly stuck to my annual classics. Here are some of the highlights:


 Typically, I like to stick to the local booths at the fair for my food purchases. This year I caved and decided to go to a random commercial cart and purchased this delicious slice of pizza.

 Chicken Parmesan Grinder -- Notre Dame Church

Lime Rickey in a Souvenir Cup -- United Churches of Durham

You might be wondering what in the world a "Lime Rickey" is. Durham's most famous drink, it's basically a freshly-squeezed lime soda. You absolutely can't go to the Durham Fair without trying one.


 Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sandwich -- Durham Co-Op Preschool

 Fried Oreos

 Gourmet Mac 'N' Cheese

 Apple Crisp and Vanilla Ice Cream -- Durham Middlefield Youth and Family Services

 Mini Cider Donuts -- Durham Lions Club

 Mozzerella Sticks and Sauce -- Rotary Club



Hope I didn't make you too hungry!



Abigail Marie


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