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An Organized Mess: How I Keep My Life In Check

February 8, 2016



I am the self-proclaimed queen of staying organized. I live by my Outlook calendar, and am glued to my agenda book. I color-code like it's my job, and sticky note and write down anything. I am a very "Type A" person, so I like to be able to know what I have going on in my life. A lot of people have recently asked me how I stay organized, so I figured I would do a post covering it all. 


The first thing that I recommend to anyone trying to get organized, is set up an Outlook calendar and then download an app that links to it and lets you color-code and add your own events. I love this calendar app, but any will really suffice. You can set multiple reminders, repeat events, and select a color for each category of things that you do. If you ever need to change the time of an event, you can easily adjust it accordingly.  


(Here's a peep into my schedule this week, luckily we had a snow day today so I didn't have 4 classes!) :


The next thing that I believe is a necessity is purchasing a planner. I prefer the Lilly Pulitzer large agenda, not only because it's pretty, but I really like the setup of it. I write my schedule in it also, in case my phone gets lost or breaks, (may or may not have had that happen in the past), and write down my homework for every class. When I do my homework, I highlight it in yellow, and if I didn't get to it and still need to do it after that day is finished, I highlight it in pink. I have tried many different methods in the past but this works best for me. 


Here's an example from the beginning of the year of a page in my agenda:


The last tip I have is to make lists. I love to make lists for everything and anything, and these notepads really help keep my thoughts in order. I love how there are little boxes to check off the items as you do them or buy them, and it's nice because there is plenty of room to add to them throughout the day or week.  


Here are my "To Do/To Buy" lists (I bought these at a random TJ Maxx but here is a similar list pad):


 I hope that I inspired you to get organized on this much needed snow day!


Abigail Marie


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