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Flurries and a Furry Vest

February 20, 2016





Study break! This week has been crazy between tests and projects and work, so I am relieved for a weekend off. I'm feeling run down so it is definitely be nice to be able to relax and write a little bit. 


My outfit here focused on neutral colors like tans and greys, with a pop of pink on my nails and lips. I have been very into lipsticks lately, and seem to really like Milani lipsticks in particular. They are cheap enough for a college budget, they can be found at drug stores, but glide on and stay on like their high end alternatives. My vest was a birthday present last year from TJ Maxx, and my booties are from Zappos. This grey turtleneck is from Forever21 and I paid under ten dollars for it! I'm also wearing my favorite black skinny jeans from Gap.


Keep it simple this winter by wearing duller colors and one signature color on your nails and lips like I did.

Now time for netflix and PJs!



Abigail Marie



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