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Anchors Away

February 29, 2016

I am stilll loving this pairing from the other day of my Old Navy bubble vest (it's on sale!) and my anchor button down, also from Old Navy.


As a little kid, I thought the store was called "Old Lady," and was therefore pretty hesitant to want to shop there. I can happily say that now I love to shop at Old Navy, and almost never walk away empty handed. 


My skirt I found at a Goodwill in CT, no surprise, and it is Banana Republic. 


If you haven't noticed from my other posts, I really like to take a lot of my blog pictures on campus at various locations. Bentley is so beautiful and I love to show different parts of campus whenever I can. This was over by my dorm, behind a building I walked by every day. I never even knew there were picnic tables back there! Goes to show you will never know what you'll come accross with a little exploring. 


Now time to ANCHOR myself to my desk and try and get a little work done! (Sorry that was terribly corny)



Abigail Marie





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