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Museum Aficionado

March 13, 2016

Today we had the morning off, so I was able to sleep in and make up for the time change I was really

feeling by this point. 


Once everyone was up, we made our way to the Armani Silos museum. This museum was absolutely 

stunning and it showcased years of collections all in one building. Each floor had a different theme; the 

bottom floor had pieces that were monochromatic and neutral. It displayed the elegance that Armani is 

always able to capture and how he really changed the fashion industry.


Men and Womenswear were both featured and the outfits were from the 80s all the way to present day 

on each floor. 


After the neutral outfits, floral items were on the next floor, color schemes were above that, and on the 

top floor was sheer and sparkly dresses. The intricate detailing of the stitching and beading made it 

understandable why these pieces are considered luxury goods. Even the pieces from the 80s still were in mint condition and many of the styles would still be worn today. 


My favorite style in the museum was the black and white striped body suit with white pants shown 

below. This was actually from the late 80s – Early 90s but the style is timeless. 


We then left the Armani museum, stopped for lunch, and then made our way to the Fondazione Prada 

modern art museum. There, we had a guided tour covering the unique pieces that were in the museum. 


This museum was drastically different from the first, and you really had to keep an open mind when 

touring parts of the museum. The abstract pieces were sometimes difficult for me to interpret, but I did my best to get creative.


My favorite exhibit here was the empty room with paintings on three out of the four walls (picture below). I am no art critic, but there were so many pieces to look at in here so it was easy to stay engaged.


To end the day, Julia and I got gelato (Got to at least have one a day) at Chocolat over by our hotel. I think I've found my new addiction!




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