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Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Bedrooms .. Oh My!

March 14, 2016

This morning after a delicious breakfast at our hotel, we hopped on a bus to the outskirts of Milan to 

visit the Boffi furniture headquarters. Boffi is a luxury furniture company, which makes custom kitchens,

bathrooms and storage solutions to high-end customers. Customers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for these kitchens and expect very high-quality products. While at the corporate office, the CEO's son did a presentation for us on the products Boffi sells, and told us about their business model. 


It was interesting to hear about this aspect of design as we had been mostly focusing on fashion prior to this day. He explained they have a lot of American celebrity clients, along with various other clients around the globe. 


After the presentation, we had a guided tour of the factory so we could see how the products were actually made. The time that is put into creating the furniture, and the hand-made aspects of them show why they are sold at such a high price. The clean-cut designs are sleek and durable. The pieces that customers buy are made well enough to last a lifetime. A very drastic difference from my own Ikea furniture.


After missing our bus to the center of town (oops), we walked to the train so we could tour Boffi showrooms. 


They were set up similarly to how a home is, each room had a different design. I really enjoyed the room with the dome window peaking over the city. The white exposed brick and furniture was inviting and absolutely beautiful. The bookcase was even color coordinated! (For a type A person like me this was heavenly). There was also a typewriter in the room next to the window. I imagined this to be the flat of a famous novelist, looking out into the city for inspiration for their books. (Big kids can pretend too!)


From the first showroom we stopped for lunch at a restaurant close by, I was very hangry, but when I finally got some gnocchi in me I calmed down and enjoyed myself. 


When we left the restaurant, we went to the De Padova showroom, who merged with Boffi in 2015. This 

showroom was hidden in a back alley-way similarly to how the Antonio Marras concept store was 

tucked away.


This showroom was different than the Boffi showroom because there were more design 

elements like lamps and decorations. It seemed to be less about furniture than at Boffi. There were much more small details shown here rather than the modern, clean-cut look that the Boffi showroom gave off.


For our last full day in Milan, this was a very interesting experience and I’m excited to see what exciting discoveries tomorrow brings.




Abigail Marie





















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