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A WINE-derful Day

March 17, 2016

Today we ventured to Tuscany and visited Frescobaldi Vineyard. This was probably my favorite 

excursion so far. It was incredible to be able to tour the vineyard and see the process that it takes to 

make the wine.


We first went to where the wine barrels that hold the wine when it is first created is stored and aged, 

and eventually made our way down to the basement to see where the Frescobaldi family’s wine is held. 

When someone in their family is born, they receive fifty bottles from a batch of wine from that year and 

when they become an adult they can use that wine on special occasions. I thought that this was so cool, 

especially looking at bottles from the 60s and earlier. 


Then we walked outside and saw briefly where the wine is made. We walked through the vineyard to a 

building where we were served a multi-course meal with two red wines, a white wine and a dessert 

wine. We also got to try olive oil that was made right on the vineyard. 


The building we were in was stunning, and it was fun to explore before we sat down for our meal. I even found a letter signed by Prince William and Kate thanking the vineyard for the bottles they 

received for their wedding day. I couldn’t believe we were at a place that served wine at the royal 

family’s wedding! How cool is that?


Of course after our meal we explored a little bit more and got to take pictures at the vineyard in front of 

olive trees and on the rock wall that overlooked the valley in front of the building. 


We then made our way back to Florence, where later that night I sang Stacy’s Mom at a karaoke bar with my best friends. Best. Day. Ever.




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