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What's Gucci?

March 18, 2016

Today was a Gucci day. (Get it? Wow I just crack myself up).


This morning we went to the Gucci Headquarters where we split up and got to tour two different sections of the headquarters. This is where they prototype new products that they will sell in the future. I toured the accessory (bag, belts and trunks) section of the headquarters, where I learned how the products were made. 


We got to see their leather storage and learned about specialty leather and how they price different 

bags. It was kind of sad seeing all the leather samples (I’m an animal lover) but it was still very 

interesting and I now better understand why the prices are so high. The intricacy and 

handmade details bring extreme value to the products because of the amount of time it takes to create these items. 


We learned about the only man that knows how to make specialty trunks, and how he is paid extremely 

high to make these products. The trunks can take months to make and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to purchase. The other group toured the shoe section, so when we met back up we went over what we discussed and traded stories about what we saw. 


We then went to the center of Florence and toured the Gucci Museum, which I wasn’t a big fan of. This 

museum is very small so there wasn’t much to see. It was still interesting to see the history of Gucci products, but I wish there was more to the museum. I guess I was spoiled after visiting the Armani Solis museum which was five stories.


Then we left the museum and I had the most amazing sandwich of my life at All’Antico Vinaio. It was probably the best thing I have ever eaten in my entire life.


Then we headed to the TJX Companies buying office in Florence, where we presented to buyers and 

managers at TJX our findings from what we have been working on all semester regarding how TJ Maxx 

and Marshall’s customers feel about ‘Made in Italy’ clothing. 


It was a great experience being able to present to the company and hear their feedback. They also 

presented to us about what they do each day and how the buying process works. I really enjoyed 

listening to all that they had to say, as I hope to one day work as a buyer. After our presentations were over, we went out to dinner with the executives and then eventually traveled back to our hotel. 


Today was a long day, but I learned so much and am really so appreciative of this trip and never want it 

to end!




Abigail Marie















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