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A Day to Explore!

March 19, 2016

Prior to our trip I purchased tickets for Julia and I to go visit The Galleria Accademia where The David is located, so this morning her and I woke up early to go and visit the museum and The David. 


It was so cool being able to see the famous statue in person, and thinking about it now, it didn’t seem real that I was visiting the real thing! Definitely something to cross off my bucket list.


After visiting The Galleria Accademia, Julia and I met up with Ben and his friends to go to the top of the Duomo. We ended up climbing to the top of the Bell Tower looking at the dome, which in my opinion was even cooler because we got to see the dome and it was in our pictures that we took. I don’t think I’ve ever been so out of breath in my life after walking up all of those stairs. I was also super claustrophobic because the staircase was about the width of my pinky.


The line was too long when we got down from the top of the tower to go to the top of the dome, and I 

was once again hangry (no surprise) so we decided it was time for lunch. We went back to All’Antico 

Vinaio, and I had an even more incredible sandwich. I could honestly cry thinking about how badly I 

want that sandwich. 


We stopped at a cute little café that made pretty coffee with designs, and then headed back to the Duomo area. We went into the Baptistery of St. John which was included as part of our ticket to the Duomo.  The ceiling inside was gorgeous! 


We then headed back to our hotel to meet up with the rest of our group and had a final dinner together. 





Abigail Marie






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