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Ciao Italia! (With a Little Surprise)

March 21, 2016

Boy have these last two days been an adventure.


Yesterday on our way to the airport we travelled to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We took your typical 

touristy pictures and then shopped around a bit before heading to the airport. 


We got to the airport and hopped on our plane to London, where we were scheduled to have a layover 

and then fly home.


As soon as we landed, Aly turned to the group and told us that the flight had been cancelled. Not 

delayed, cancelled. By now, most people were bummed because they wanted to just get home and were nervous about what we would be doing about sleeping, but I WAS SO EXCITED. We were in London!! 


British Airways actually ended up paying for a hotel for us to stay in for the night, and said they would 

get us on a flight the next evening. This meant that we got to explore the city the next day before 



We made our way to the hotel, ate a little dinner and I immediately passed out so tired from the hustle 

and bustle of the week. 


The next morning we ate breakfast, brought our luggage to the airport, took the train into the city and 

got a tour of London from Ian! How lucky were we that we had our very own personal tour guide on the 

trip with us? 


In 3.5 hours, I saw the London Eye, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey, got to shop, take pictures in a red 

phone booth and see the palace where the queen lives. 


It was honestly a two-for-one deal, which is why I didn’t mind being set back a whole day!


I’m so happy that I got to have this incredible trip and really am grateful to Bentley, my family and Professors Ian and Aly for making this the most amazing experience of my life.


Till next time!




Abigail Marie











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