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Racing to the Gate: I'm Off to Kentucky!

May 5, 2016

Tonight I am headed to Louisville, Kentucky to visit my good friend Becca and go to the Kentucky Oaks and Derby this weekend. From gorgeous dresses to ridiculously elegant hats, I don't think there is a place that could be more fit for Abigail Eisner. After attending countless Derby-themed parties, when the opportunity arose I knew I had to go to the real thing!


Becca has been so gracious to allow me to stay with her at her apartment, and show me around Louisville while I'm here. Luckily I have five days between when school gets out and when my finals start so I'm here until Tuesday night! 


For this mini getaway I packed a suitcase and a small carry-on bag with my homework and laptop. Here's a view of my suitcase:

 For small trips like this, I try to pack based on each day. I used to be a notorious over-packer, and while I still do throw in a few extra clothes, I am in no way as bad as I used to be. I packed one outfit for each day, with two extra tops. I threw in an extra pair of jeans as well, just in case. I also packed four pairs of pajamas, four pairs of shoes (heels, converse, Jack Rogers and flats), a few tops for going out at night, and of course my two hats and dresses for Derby weekend. 


My toiletries I always pack in my Lilly Pulitzer for Estee Lauder toiletry bags. These are super versatile (and cute!) , and I was able to get them off of eBay for under $10. They have tons of options so feel free to take a look!


One thing I recommend doing, is to test out a few different bags before you finalize what you are packing. I was very close to being able to only use a carryon to pack my items, but all my toiletries ended up making it to difficult to squeeze into a smaller bag. Anytime I don't have to check a bag I won't, it saves so much time and energy!


The last thing I packed was the brown clutch I got at a tag sale a while back, and haven't gotten around to using yet. You always have to throw in one fun item, whether you'll end up using it or not on your trip. What's the one thing you always make sure to pack?


You can BET that this will be a great trip! (Here's to corny puns)




Abigail Marie




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