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The Kentucky Oaks

May 6, 2016

Such a wonderful first day at the track today! Churchill Downs was absolutely beautiful and there was so much to look at in the infield!


Becca and I woke up bright and early to get our day started. We met up with her friends and visited a few Derby parties close to the track, and  then eventually made our way inside. We bought infield tickets, which is basically a lawn on the inside of the track where there are tents and you can bring lawn chairs to sit and watch the derby. There are no actual seats, and it is the cheapest option if you want to attend.


We walked around a bit and I was in awe. There were so many spectacular and unique outfits, it was great being able to take it all in. My favorite moment of the day was walking by the Vineyard Vines tent. It wasn't open, it is only open on the actual Derby but while exploring the infield we figured we would check out what was around it. Sure enough, we are walking by and I spotted Kiel James Patrick!! I am obsessed with his brand, and was so excited. Of course I had to introduce myself to him and Sean, one of the members of the team. We snapped some pics and he offered to take a selfie since he had the height! It was so great being able to meet someone I've looked up to for so long!


After I stopped fangirling for a little bit, we made our way to the grass and sat down (I may or may not have briefly napped on the lawn) and watched a race or two before the Oaks race. I didn't get a chance to bet today but I definitely am going to tomorrow! It was such a great day, and I really cannot wait to horse around a bit more tomorrow! 




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