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Horsin' Around at the Kentucky Derby!

May 7, 2016

I had the perfect day today at the Kentucky Derby. This morning Becca and I headed to her friend's house for eggs and mimosas, before heading to a parking lot near the track to tailgate. I met so many great people, and had so much fun (they aren't kidding about southern hospitality). 


We danced, sang, and made new friends before finally heading toward Churchill Downs. We hopped in line to get into the Derby, and sweated in the 80 degree weather for a half hour or so before we finally made it to the gate. We had infield tickets again, so we planned on walking around a bit more before taking a seat. We first went to the Vineyard Vines tent, and sure enough I saw Kiel James Patrick and Sean again! I also got some of the famous Vineyard Vines whale hats, and got to listen to some good music before walking to the paddock.


We headed to the paddock where we met up with one of Becca's friends whose family had box seats. They were so sweet and invited us up there to watch the races! We placed a few bets at the ticket booths, got a few Lilys, and headed up to the box. 


I struck up some convos with strangers (per usual), and enjoyed the picture perfect view. I bet on Tourist for the race right before the Derby, and Mohaymen during the Derby. Both got 4th place so I unfortunately didn't win anything, but Becca bet on Nyquist so she won a few bucks! I'll be honest, I was clueless when it came to betting and the lady at the ticket window was annoyed with me. I guess I didn't say it the correct way (oops). But after the two bets I made, I can now say I am a pro! Next year when I come back I swear I will be much more prepared. 


I can honestly say this has been one of the most fun weekends, and I plan on making coming to the Kentucky Derby a tradition if I can. I met so many amazing people, got to admire some preppy outfits, and all around have a hell of a time. 


Thanks for following along!



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