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Buggin' Out with Kment

June 8, 2016

A few days after my beach trip with Jenna and Jessica, I spent the day with my friend Kaitlyn, (AKA Kment). Kaitlyn and I both share a love for fashion and hope to each work somewhere in the industry. She has incredible style, and I can always count on her to let me know of the latest trends.


Kaitlyn is wearing a Loft skirt paired with a simple white button down. Her adorable strappy sandals are from Old Navy. I kept telling her all day that she looked like an Italian woman living on a vineyard. For some reason I couldn't get it out of my head!


My outfit was a bow skirt that I bought in Louisville, Kentucky from Work the Metal. I have been obsessed with it from the moment I laid my eyes on it! It's so full, but the texture is so light and breezy. The hot pink color when paired with my J. Crew bejeweled sleeveless top, also provides the perfect amount of color without being overwhelming. I even matched my lip color and new Kate Spade scalloped bag (eek it's so beautiful). My shoes are surprisingly well-made Forever 21 structured sandals I bought a few years back.


Just for giggles Kaitlyn snapped some pics of me in my beloved Volkswagen Beetle that I bought last summer. Check them out!


More to come about my time in Boston so far!





















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