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Bayridge & Dock

July 20, 2016

I am a sucker for American-made products, especially in the fashion and jewelry industry. Recently, I stumbled upon a small all-american company called Bayridge & Dock. The bracelets that are on their site are affordable, fashionable and durable. Each one features a whale tail logo and unique rope design.


I had the pleasure of recently chatting with Nathan Wright, the founder and owner of the company, and got a little insight as to how he created his brand.


One day, while sitting on a boat dockside in Alexandria Bay, NY last July, Bayridge & Dock was born. Nate had been doing some photography and other work for a few small brands and he realized how much he enjoyed capturing a fun, "All-American" lifestyle through his lens. He began to notice trends in what people liked, didn't like and what types of products tended to sell or didn't sell. He began posting his own photos from personal experiences and realized he could market himself, and people were interested in what he had to say. In that moment he realized he wanted to quit his day job and pursue this opportunity. Affordable, American-made products are the goal, and bracelets seemed as the perfect outlet to get started.


This introduction to his brand is the start of what Nathan hopes to be an entire clothing line of affordable, stylish, American goods. He also noted that many brands with similar philosophies tend to charge a premium price for American-made products, which he has no intention of following.


When it came to sourcing suppliers, Nate wanted to be sure he found the best out there. The rope from his bracelets comes from a man in the Midwest who twists and dyes it. The 100% cotton cord is also attached to a brass Whale Tail clasp, the product of a multi-generational family of jewelers from here in New England. 


This summer, Nate has introduced an even more line of affordable bracelets. His single-color "Sailor's Collection" are only $23. And that's not all he has in store. As his sales continue to grow, he has gotten tons of requests from customers wanting more. He's been asked for rope belts, which he hopes to introduce shortly down the road. His dream is to turn Bayridge & Dock into a company that sells everything from hats and bracelets, to clothing; All the while sticking to his "American-Made" promise. 


I can just tell that Nathan feels very passionately about his products, and his beloved company. He hopes that his dream inspires others to join him on his All American adventure.


I also recently got two of his bracelets, The Cove and The Heritage, and absolutely love them. They are cute, yet super durable. My favorite part of these styles is the signature brass Whale Tail logo, it's unique and a great update to a classic rope bracelet. 


These colors were so summery and perfect for the beach. I recently wore mine on a family trip to Narragansett and received many compliments on them whenever I had them on. One thing I appreciate about the jewelry is that it isn't uncomfortable or impractical for day-to-day wear, you could be going fishing and still wear these!


I know I definitely will be purchasing more Bayridge & Dock products in the future, I'm especially anticipating the belts!


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