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Summer Suede

August 9, 2016



It's been a while, but with the hectic-ness of the end of summer it has been hard for me to find time to write! I did however, want to share this trendy little outfit that I wore the other day.


When you think of summer you certainly do not think of suede as a comfortable material to wear during those sticky, dog days. With that being said, I stumbled upon this suede shift at TJ Maxx on clearance at the beginning of summer. It was only $8! For such a steal, I couldn't pass it up. I wasn't too sure when or how I would wear it but it's proven to be a great find! It's surprisingly not too cozy for summer, I was actually pretty comfortable in it and even wore it to work one day last week and then out in the city with my roomies.


I loved how it flows, and what a fun take on the classic t-shirt dress it is. You can find a similar, slightly more expensive one here or here.


I threw on my suede booties, also from TJ Maxx (what a surprise) and a simple choker I got in a mixed pack of necklaces from H&M. I'm also carrying my grey Cedar Street Maise bag from Kate Spade I got on sale a while back. 


And lastly I wore these fun reflective sunglasses that I got at a flea market in Brooklyn for $20 a few weekends ago. 


Who says spending less means you need to look bad?



Abigail Marie








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