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Learning to Make Paella

September 26, 2016



This weekend I spent in Madrid, exploring and enjoying the beautiful city I get to call home. I also had the pleasure of being taught how to make Paella by my amazing roommate Mercedes! Mercedes is from Valencia, Spain and is currently going to school here in Madrid as well. She was kind enough to offer to teach me how to make Paella with her. 


If you don't know, Paella is a really common dish here in Spain. It consists of rice, vegetables, and different kinds of meats. There are hundreds of different variations of Paella.


We made Paella Valenciana, a traditional Paella from Valencia. Paella Valenciana typically has both rabbit and chicken, but we decided to make it with just chicken. 


The recipe is as follows:




- Olive Oil

- One chicken, cut up

- One or two tomatoes

- Garlic clove

- Paprika

- Paella vegetables, frozen (green beans and garrafón beans)

- Water

- Bomba rice

- Orange food coloring

- Salt

- Rosemary


En Español (straight from Mercedes!):

  1. Rallar uno o dos tomates para el sofrito. Añadir un diente de ajo picado. Reservar.

  2. Poner el aceite hasta unos 4 dedos del borde.

  3. Sofreír el pollo. Luego dejar en el borde de la paella.

  4. Añadir el tomate con el ajo, sofreír.

  5. Añadir una cucharadita de pimentón dulce, remover enseguida para que no se queme.

  6. Añadir las verduras (judías verdes y garrafón). 

  7. Mezclar todo y sofreír.

  8. Añadir el agua. Doble de agua que de arroz, fijarse donde está el nivel. Después añadir un poco más de agua para que hierva.

  9. Añadir colorante, romero y sal.

  10. Hervir, cuando llegue a la medida añadir el arroz. Un vaso de arroz=dos raciones.

  11. Cuando vuelva a hervir el agua, bajar el fuego a nivel medio-bajo.

  12. Cuando ya está prácticamente hecha se cubre con papel de plata.

  13. Dejar reposar un ratito el arroz con el fuego apagado.

  14. ¡A disfrutar!


In English:

  1. Grate one or two tomatoes for the sauce. Add a clove of minced garlic. Put to the side.

  2. Pour the oil in the center of the Paella pan, to about 4 fingers from the edge.

  3. Saute the chicken. Then stop at the edge of the paella pan.

  4. Add the tomatoes with garlic, saute.

  5. Add a teaspoon of paprika, stir quickly to prevent burning.

  6. Add the vegetables (green beans and garrafón beans).

  7. Mix everything and saute.

  8. Add the water. Two cups of rice to every cup of water. Then add a little more water to a boil.

  9. Add food coloring, rosemary and salt.

  10. Boil, when you reach the point on the pan, add the rice. One glass of rice = two helpings.

  11. When the water returns to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low.

  12. When it is almost completely done, it covered with foil.

  13. Let stand for a while with the stove off.

  14. Enjoy!


The paella was AMAZING. I can't wait to eat all the leftovers that we have this week. We will definitely be making it again this semester, along with some other Spanish dishes. I also promised Mercedes that one day I would also make her pancakes, and on Thanksgiving we'll have a Turkey and stuffing feast!


Check out the video I made from our cooking debut! Let me know if you decide to make it!



Abigail Marie


 The finished product!


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