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Treasure Hunt in Malasaña

November 9, 2016

Hi everyone!


To get my mind off of the election results, and to make the most of my bank holiday here in Spain, I decided to finally check out the vintage and thrift shops that are in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Madrid!


I'm in Malasaña all the time, but have been trying to avoid shopping. I had to give in today! I had done a little research on Yelp before I came, about where the best thrift shops were (another list here) and ended up using it as a guide on where to go today. 


I had seen that this one place called The The Storage (yes two "the's") and decided that was a good place to start. Well once I got to Calle Velarde, I found plenty of other vintage shops that caught my attention. 


I started at a cool place called Alphaville,  where I ended up trying on this fun skirt for fifteen Euros that I think is perfect for Christmas this year. I love dressing up for Christmas, and have been looking for a festive outfit to bring home. It's a little dorky which I love, and I can already picture how I'm going to style it. Stay tuned! 


Next door was a place called Magpie, which had a huge selection of great things. I tried on several pairs of Levis and some overalls. I have been trying to find a great pair of mom jeans for weeks now, but to no avail. I didn't end up purchasing anything because I couldn't find jeans that fit me just right but I definitely enjoyed browsing their selection.


I also stopped at these two smaller stores on the street, called Biba Vintage and Galípo. I didn't have any luck at either of those, but definitely had fun searching the racks. I think I honestly like thrift shopping the most because of the digging you have to go through to really find something that sticks out to you. 


The last shop I stopped in on the street was called La Mona Checa. This place had a fun circus themed atmosphere, and had some really cool pieces. I fell for this black velvet bodysuit/leotard, for seventeen Euros. I can wear it off the shoulder or on, and it's perfect for both day and night wear. 


The funny part is that I didn't even end up going to The The Storage, (oops) so it looks like I'll just have to check it out another day. 


Where's your favorite place to go thrift shopping?




Abigail Marie

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