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November 21, 2016



This weekend my adventure was to Copenhagen, Denmark! I had a wonderful time exploring the city even with some rain. Believe it or not, I actually missed the cold (shocking I know,) so it was nice being all bundled up in a scarf and hat. During the day it wasn't too chilly but with the sun setting at 4:15ish, it got cold pretty quickly.


Anyway, I got to Copenhagen with Emily at around 8:00 Thursday evening. From there we took the metro to the city center where our hostel was. This was actually my first time staying in a hostel, we've been lucky enough to be able to stay with friends or at Airbnbs so far. Generally, Copenhagen is an expensive place, so the Airbnbs were really pricey. We ended up getting a few beds at the Generator Hostel. There are Generator Hostels all across Europe, and we had a wonderful experience at this one, so I'm eager to stay in more in the future. 


We checked in and got settled, and ventured out to get some "dinner" before bed. There are 7/11's on just about every corner in Copenhagen so we stopped there to get something quick and cheap. I know what you're thinking.. 7/11 for dinner?? The 7/11's in Copenhagen are NOTHING like the one's back home. They had all sorts of fruit, sandwiches, fresh juices and really good coffee actually. We grabbed some breakfast for the morning and I got a slice of pizza for dinner. 


We headed to bed for an early start the next day. 


We woke up early and went to the Rosenborg Gardens to check it out. Our hostel was within walking distance of everything in the city, so it was great to just get up and go and not have to plan transportation. The gardens were kind of eerie that early in the morning, but fun to wander. The castle was also pretty spooky but beautiful in the same. 

From there it started to rain so we decided to grab some wifi and make a plan. We ended up at the National Museum of Denmark, which was actually super interesting and different than any museum I had been to. It was about the equivalent of $10 to go in. (The Danish use the Krone as their currency, 1 USD = about 7 DKK.) My favorite part of the museum was an area that had different rooms each themed from parts of the world. There was traditional clothing from each country, as well as ancient artifacts. It was fun to see the transition of cultures as you made your way through the maze of rooms.


After the museum, we went to the Town Hall Square to go on a free walking tour of the city. Most European cities have free tours which give a great background on the history and a local taste of the culture. The tour company we used was Sandeman tours.

The tour was about three hours long, but to be honest we ditched the group after an hour and a half to eat some lunch. Our tour guide was great, he was from Copenhagen actually, and added a lot of comedy to the tour. I definitely wish we could have stayed for more of the tour, but was happy with all that we got to see. 


After lunch at a great Greek buffet, we went back to the Hostel to warm up a bit. We then planned to meet up with our friend Sierra who is studying in Copenhagen, and some other friends at Nyhavn, the neighborhood always featured on postcards of Copenhagen. 


The houses along the canal in Nyhavn are bright and bold. Lining the canal are adorable little stands selling food, souvenirs, and my new personal favorite: Glögg. Now what is Glögg? Glögg is the most delicious drink I have probably ever tasted and will definitely be my future go-to drink when it's cold. It is basically a heated, spiced, wine with cinnamon in it. It is a traditional Scandinavian drink. IT IS SO GOOD. 

After snapping some pics we walked down the street to a Christmas Market that had just opened. It got me in the Christmas spirit, with sleds and fake snow lining the paths. Each shop had a specialty, some food based and others with gifts. I loved looking at all of the woolen hats and sweaters, as well as tasting the samples of fudge and roasted nuts.

Then we walked to Sierra's apartment to check it out and warm up again. After a while, Emily and I were getting hungry and went to this awesome food market called Paper Island. This warehouse is lined with food trucks inside and has pretty much any type of food you can imagine. For Copenhagen, it was also relatively inexpensive, so it was right up our alley! I ended up getting a delicious chicken wrap, while Emily got Falafel. We also scavenged the market for free samples (duh.) 


We planned to meet up with the girls later at a bar, so we went to the hostel to change and relax. Later we headed to a bar called Billy Booze. The bartender put about a drop of alcohol in our drinks, but it was still fun in the same. We danced there for a while with all of our friends, including some from Comillas who were also in Copenhagen for the weekend. Then we headed to a different bar down the street to hang for a while before heading to bed.


After another early start, and checking out of our Hostel, we made our way back to Nyhavn. The WEIRDEST thing happened to me there. My boss from my internship last spring literally walked into us! I could not believe it! We were both so excited to see each other, who would've thought we could run into each other, unplanned, halfway across the world?!

Eventually we made our way to the super cool neighborhood of Christianshavn. This neighborhood is known for its wild graffiti and interesting characters. It is also in the middle of the Green Light district, which I'm sure you can figure out why it's called that. 

We wandered there a bit, we made our way to the Church of Our Saviour. This church has a beautiful tower with a massive spiral staircase that overlooks the city. It was really cheap to go inside, 25 DKK for students, and even though the hike to the top was long as hell, it was worth it. The view overlooking the city was beautiful. My favorite part too was that the view was on obscured since the railings were relatively low. 

For lunch, we went to a place called Paludan Bog. I got a hotdog on the way, so I just had a delicious and fresh passion fruit smoothie. After lunch, we headed to our last stop, Tivoli Gardens.


Tivoli Gardens is actually the second oldest amusement park in the world (the oldest is also in Denmark,) and opened in 1843. We were lucky because this day was the first day it was open with the Christmas theme. It was a little pricey, (120 DKK or $17) to get in without going on rides, but it was definitely worth it. The decorations were super festive and pretty. We didn't realize how big it actually was until we were inside! There were a bunch of little fake "villages" inside with tiny houses filled with elves making toys. 

I felt like a little kid and kept making Emily take pictures of me in sleds and in front of decorations, it was just so Christmas-y I couldn't help it!! 


Tivoli Gardens was definitely a great last stop on our weekend in Copenhagen. Copenhagen was definitely a top city on my list, and was one of my favorites!

Next (and final) stop: Vienna!




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