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Pineapple Prints and Packing Tips

March 5, 2017

Hey there!


One question I get a lot is, how do you pack without over packing? Well, the truth is I over pack for almost every trip I take, but I like to think of it as smart over packing. I also refuse to check bags unless I absolutely need to, and you’d be surprised what you are able to fit in just a carry-on and personal item!


For my week-long trip to Florida, I was able to fit everything into my houndstooth printed carry-on (surprisingly from Walmart!!), and my school backpack.


The first thing I do when packing is pull out anything in my closet I could potentially bring. This may seem tedious, but it makes it easier in the long run. Then I try to match up outfits based on the weather and what looks best together.


Next, I take into consideration if I’ll be going out at night and will need a change outfit. I try to pack pieces that are easily transitional from day to night, so I don’t take up more room in my suitcase. Other times I will just bring a different top, and just make sure I have a pair of jeans with an outfit that can easily match.


From this, it is easy to hang back up the left over items that you weren’t able to make an outfit from.


Next is the easy part: pajamas, socks, bathing suits (if needed), and underwear. I used to bring a pair of pajamas for every night and stopped doing that after I realized I ended up re-wearing them anyway for an extra night or two. For a week long trip, four or less sets of pajamas are fine.


Then I pick out shoes that I can bring that match with just about everything I’m packing. Almost every trip I go on, I bring converse, one pair of sandals, and a pair of booties. I usually throw in an extra pair of my choosing as well, since I usually wear my converse on the plane.


I love to wear hats, and struggled to find a way to pack floppy hats in my suitcase so I didn’t have to carry them on the plane! Luckily, one of my friends showed me the best idea! If you take all of your socks and underwear and stuff them in the hat, and lay that in the suitcase first, you can fold your clothes and place them around the brim of the hat. This allows you to pack the hat without squishing it and ruining it. (This might be common knowledge but I had never thought of it!)


In my backpack, I pack my makeup, hair products, toiletries, laptop, jewelry and usually one or two cross body bags to use as purses while on the trip. That also leaves plenty of room for books, notebooks or whatever else you might need.


I pack my jewelry and toiletries in these fun little Lilly Pulitzer by Estee Lauder makeup bags. My grandma got some for free after buying makeup a few years ago and gave me one, and I bought a few others on Ebay afterwards because they are so helpful! They were only a few dollars at the time, but you can still find them on there for a few more bucks. 


I hope this helped you with all of your packing needs! Check out one of the Lilly dresses I packed below.




Abigail Marie






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