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Bicycle Built for Two

May 19, 2017

Hi everyone!


For the start of my summer, I have been down in Florida at my parent’s house enjoying the sun and of course, the beach!!

Along with spending my days lounging in the sand, I have been going on evening bike rides with my dad through the county they live in. Pinellas County has an old railroad path that they have converted into a county-long bike trail winding along roads and through parks. It’s a lot of fun to explore and see the area that they live in.


One direction of the bike path travels through beautiful Ozona, which is a quaint bureau in which people travel in golf carts to get to local restaurants, parks, and schools. It’s really unique so I love traveling through it. While we were riding, I noticed my dad’s tires getting low, and luckily in Ozona there was this adorable railway station set up with free tire air, and a water filling stations for both humans and their furry companions. How cute!





Throughout this bike ride my dad kept calling me “Jackie O” because of my outfit, which I admit probably wasn’t pretty practical for a bike ride. Oops!


My white button-down dress was on clearance a while back at TJ Maxx (shocker, I bought another thing from TJs!!) and my purple scarf I just got a few days ago at the Wagonwheel Flea Market here, for TWO DOLLARS. Yup you read that correctly! While this was a lucky find, as I have been meaning to buy a neck scarf, most are unfortunately not two dollars. However, here are some similar inexpensive ones that I love from Aldo, Madewell, and this one from J.Jill in which all profits go to a great cause!




These pics are from an adorable park and butterfly garden that we stumbled across on our biking adventure, Hammock Park.


Shoutout to my dad for always being up for an adventure with me!



Abigail Marie

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