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Her Conference Recap

July 28, 2017

Hey there!


I wanted to share the incredible experience I had at Her Conference in Manhattan this past weekend!! Her Conference is Her Campus's annual career development conference for college women across the country and around the world. With talented keynote speakers like Lisa Sugar of POPSUGAR,  Troian Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars, and Women's National March Co-Chairs Carmen Perez and Lisa Sarsour, you can't help but feel inspired when the weekend is over!




To start off the day, I hopped on an eaaaaaaarly morning train (5:00) into the city, grabbed a coffee and headed to check-in! Luckily on my way I stumbled into another girl who was looking for the conference, my new friend Angeline, and we took on the day together! 


Once we checked in, we got our ADORABLE goodie bags! (Um who doesn't love free stuff??) and headed into the auditorium where on our chairs there was yet another goodie bag from Ulta Beauty!! Here's what was inside:


After the day was introduced, Linda Sarsour and Carmen Perez gave a moving interview and keynote speech about their passion for social justice and their work at the Women's National March. It was amazing hearing about the power and organization that it took to generate the largest march in US history. 


The middle of the day was filled with panels from #Bossladies in fields ranging from blogging, to public relations, marketing and journalism. I chose to attend two panels on blogging. (shocking I know!!!) The first panel was Blogging 101, with Alyssa Amorso of Publyssity, Andrea Pion of A Slice O Pi, Alicia Chew of Alicia Tenise and Mariann Yip of Mariann NYC. These ladies were so fun and gave the best tips and tricks on how bloggers can grow their engagement and following. I'm excited to bring some of their advice to my own blog! I already started doing this by separating my personal Instagram and C'est La Vie Instagram, and can't wait to bring some of their other ideas to fruition. 


The next panel I attended was for influencers looking to work with brands more. The panel was called "What Brands Want: How to Succeed at Sponsored Campaigns" with panelists Kamiu Lee of Bloglovin', Brittany Hennessy from Hearst, and Anna Stern from Collectively! They debunked some blogging myths, like follower count being the most important way to get brands to notice you, and they gave tips on contracts and negotiating with brands which was super helpful!


I loved being able to speak with some of these talented ladies on the panels and other conference attendees about their own blogging experiences!


I even ran into my friend Logan from Peculiar Porter! We've grown up together and had no idea we were both going to be at the conference together, what an awesome surprise! Definitely check out her blog!!



After the second panel, lunch was served courtesy of Shake Shack! So yummy! Then Lisa Sugar, of POPSUGAR spoke about how she and her husband were able to start POPSUGAR and gave us a taste of what we will find in her book, Power Your Happy, which we luckily had right in our goodie bags!! I am so eager to read it!!


To end the day, there was one more panel session but Angeline and I decided to get our makeup done by Ulta Beauty and check out some of the other stands instead while we had the time! I loved how the stylist did my winged liner, especially considering I have so much trouble doing liner myself!


The closing keynote was given by the beautiful Troian Bellisario, also known as Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars, who spoke so eloquently about projects she's been working on now and described what it was like to be a part of the PLL cast for so many years! I am looking forward to finally watching her movie, Feed, especially after learning how much of a personal connection it had to her life. I only fan-girled a little bit I swear!


The conference is two days, but I could only attend Saturday unfortunately. Sunday's session looked just as fun! With similar panels and keynote speakers like Aja Naomi King, I'm sure it was a treat for everyone that attended!


If any of you have the opportunity to attend a Her Conference in the future, definitely don't pass it up!


More coming soon to C'est La Vie on the rest of my time in NYC!




Abigail Marie



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