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My Purchases at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 24, 2018

Hey there! 


Now that I finally have been able to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I'm so excited to share with you what I purchased! I posted a 'Wishlist" last week, but knew my actual purchases would probably quite different (especially when I found out my car needed some repairs!). I'm on a post-college budget, so I knew I could maybe do one splurge piece but that's really it. I always want to be honest on here and not act like I'm living some unrealistic luxurious life. Let's face it, even if they are having a sale, Nordstrom is still on the more expensive side. That being said, I decided to check out the sale a bit more and ventured to the mall with my mom the day it opened. 

Pants | Hat | Top (Similar)


My goal was to start with the shoes and coats that were on my wish list, try them on and see what was my favorite. I wasn't able to shop the sale online earlier that day, as I was working in the morning, so I figured if I were to find the items I wanted in stores than that was good enough, but if not, I didn't really need it! 


Well of course, by the time I got to the store many of the things I had been looking at were sold out. But that's life isn't it? I instead decided to see what caught my eye. 


I quickly stumbled into a rack of the BP Raw Edge V-Neck Tee. I had read about these tees from many of my favorite bloggers who had shopped the sale early, and knew I needed a new basic white tee. This one is $11.90, and will be $17 after the sale. I love the way this tee sits, loosely but flattering and how soft it is. There is also enough material to tie it in a knot like I did, which is something I always look for in a basic tee. I'm definitely glad I purchased this staple!


The next piece I found on a rack of, "last chance" items which were the last of their size in store. I have been wanting some high-waisted flare jeans for a while, but hadn't found the perfect pair. These TopShop Jamie Flare Jeans were the wash I was looking for, my size, and are suuuuper flattering. I highly recommend this pair if you are looking for something like this to add to your wardrobe!

Let me know what you bought from the sale, if you bought anything at all! I'd love to hear your thoughts!



Abigail Marie




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