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My Favorite Podcasts: All About Gossip, True Crime, and More

September 14, 2018

Hi there!! 


Lately I have been OBSESSED with Podcasts to help break up my morning commute, time at the gym or getting ready for my day! They are easy to throw on and give you a little more substance than a year-old Spotify playlist you've been listening to on repeat since you made it. (aka me) 


There are pretty much Podcasts on any subject, but my favorite are talk-show style that are fun and light-hearted. I've been listening to them nonstop, so I wanted to share with you my favorites and a little about each of them!


1. What We Said 


This Podcast is relatively new compared to the others, but I binged listened to all sixteen episodes in the last two weeks. Jaci and Chelsea are lifelong BFFs who talk about topics ranging from "nature Vs. nurture" to "worst first dates." They take polls from their Instagram audience on the subjects to have them weigh in. Their giggly, candid, personalities are so fun and I love their take on things! They've also had several guests on the show who are from where they grew up in Arizona, including their husbands. You really feel like you're part of their friendship when you listen!


2. The Morning Toast


These hilarious sisters have the most amazing banter and gossip about reality TV and recent news articles. Claudia and Jackie Oshry are from NYC and host a morning show on Facebook Live, Youtube, and of course upload the show to the Podcast app later in the day. They have an avid following called "Toasters" and even recently hosted a Camp Toast getaway which I totally wish I went to!! This is definitely my favorite Podcast of the ones I listen to.


3. RISE Podcast


Rachel Hollis, author of my favorite book (which you all need to read) Girl Wash Your Face, and CEO of the Chic Site and Chic Media, has probably the most reassuring voice I have ever heard. She is so well articulated, and gives the best tips and advice without pretending she has it all figured out perfectly. Whether you're looking for business, beauty, or just plain old life advice this is the place to turn!


4. Guys We F****d


Warning: not for the faint of heart! This hilarious podcast talks about some risqué topics, but also brings up relevant issues going on around the world. They always are interviewing other comedians and interesting people and have two-hour long episodes. 


5. Martinis and Murder


Not your typical true crime show, this Podcast is from Oxygen and is just what you'd think: two friends drinking martinis while discussing murder cases. I'm easily spooked but am really interested in crime stories, so I like that you can learn about the cases without getting too into the blood and gore. They've covered many cases over the last two years, so definitely check them out!


6. How I Built This


As a former business student, I'm always so intrigued by entrepreneurs and how they found their success. Guy Raz of NPR interviews successful CEOs and creators and asks them to tell their stories. I always feel so empowered after listening to these episodes and it's so cool to see how they pushed through trials and tribulations along the way. Guy ends every interview asking the question, "how much of your success do you believe is due to luck and how much due to your own skill?" After the main interview, there is a short piece at the end with smaller, up and coming entrepreneurs (kind of like Shark Tank!). Definitely a great Podcast to listen to if you're looking for some motivation!


7. The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Podcast


This Podcast was started by a blogger I follow, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and her husband Michael Bosstick. They share funny snippets of their life, and have a really cute relationship. The tips they share are helpful and interesting, and interview well-known celebrities and internet personalities! My favorite episode was when they interviewed Ashley Tisdale about her career and successes.


8. Gals on the Go


This Podcast is by two college youtubers, Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan who I absolutely love! I was so excited when they launched this Podcast and although it is newer, it is so fun to hear perspectives from people who are close to my age. Both girls attend the University of Georgia, and have found success in their lifestyle Youtube channels.


What are your favorite Podcasts? I'm always looking for more to add to my growing collection!



Abigail Marie

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