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Formulate: Custom Hair Care Review

December 5, 2018

Hey there!


When the weather starts to get cold this time of year, my skin and hair always seem to dry out. But this year I haven't had to worry, since I've been using Formulate's custom shampoo and conditioner to help keep my hair healthy and shiny. Formulate creates hair products that are custom produced to fit your individual needs, rather than for the masses All you have to do is take a simple survey which asks you questions like what climate you live in, is your scalp oily or dry, etc. and the chemists at formulate will create a product fit for your unique needs. You even get to pick which scent!


My Formulate profile shows my test results, and lets me know exactly what areas the product is targeting:

Since I started using the Formulate Shampoo and Conditioner a few weeks ago, I have noticed that my hair has had more volume and shine to it. It tames much easier just by air drying, and smells incredible! Plus the bottles are sleek and modern. 


Here's a picture of my hair from this summer, before I started using Formulate. It was dry, frizzy, and didn't have much shine to it. 


 And here's how it looks now; healthy, long and properly moisturized!



I've loved being a Formulate partner and getting to try out this great set of products. I can see the great level of care this company puts into every bottle, which means a lot to me as a consumer. 


Order your own set of custom shampoos and conditioners by visiting Formulate, and let me know which scent you choose below!




Abigail Marie


This post is sponsored by Formulate.co but all opinions expressed on C'est La Vie by Abigail Marie reflect my own. 

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